About Us



Rebecca's fierce dedication for her craft will help you find just the right project for your skills, and give you side by side encouragement at the round table. You will also find Rebecca at the round table all day Tuesday and on Thursday afternoons.




We did not know that beautiful young knitting nerds existed until Becky graced our round table. Obsessed with socks and kitchy small projects, Becky brings toe up socks, Tiny Owl Knits, and Lokken kerchiefs into our knitting realm. We love her! Becky was married at Yarniverse on 11/12/13, and she knit her wedding dress!





Carol is our secret weapon for special problems. Her knit, crochet, seamstress skills are top - notch, and her type A personality comes in handy when deciphering cantankerous pattern instructions. She also know hairpin pin lace and knits many of our shop models.




Val; an expert in crochet & knit, is our Bronx born opera singer, runs the round table on Tuesdays, and teaches classes on Saturdays. She has on Crochet for Knitters class every Saturday at 2pm. Her enthusiasm for color and for sweater knitting will have you reaching beyond your personal best.She also teaches Get Back to Your Knitting on Saturdays